Top 10 Sugary Foods That You Should Know About

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An excess of anything is harmful to health. The same can be said for consuming an excessive amount of sugar. It can be detrimental to health, cause diabetes and disrupt the blood sugar levels causing obesity and other diseases.

A person can control the amount of sugar they consume by eating less sugar-filled foods. And to do this is first to realize the number of sugars present and the hidden sugars present in foods.

To help you, we have listed the top 10 sugary foods that can be taken in fewer amounts to ensure you do not consume excessive sugars.

Top 10 Sugary Foods

Top 10 Sugary Foods That You Should Know About

1. Low Fat Yogurt

Although yogurt is very healthy and, according to WebMD, contains probiotics that are helpful and friendly to the gut and aids in digestion. But while they are low in fat, they are highly dosed with sugar.

A cup of low-fat yogurt which is about 250 grams, contains 48 grams of sugar, roughly 11 teaspoons. This is more than the sugar amount that’s present in plain yogurt.

Instead, total fat, natural or Greek yogurt to prevent consuming the extra amount of unnecessary sugar.

2. Cereal Bars

Finding the right food is the key to healthy eating. Cereals bars may sound like a quick munch to get the best nutrients, but the ones with the additives and sweeteners contain an endless amount of sugar that can be very harmful to health.

A cereal bar (39g) has roughly 10 teaspoons of sugar.

3. BBQ Sauce

BBQ Sauce as a dip gives meat and chicken a great taste. It can also be used in sandwiches and burgers to enhance the flavor.

BBQ sauces are also great for marinades. But the great-tasting sauce comes with a heavy price. The amount of sugar is enormous and ultimately bad for health.

2 tablespoons (28 grams) of BBQ sauce can contain 11 grams of sugar, approximately 3 teaspoons. Before purchasing BBQ sauce from the supermarket, also check and read the labels.

It will be even better and healthier if BBQ sauce can be made home. The steps are easy, and ingredients are also widely available.

4. Fruit Juice

Consuming whole fruits is the best way to get the vital minerals and vitamins. Fruit juices have been misinterpreted only to provide health benefits. They are also jam-packed with tons of sugar and are also low in fiber.

It takes a high quantity of fruit to make a glass of juice; hence more sugar will be consumed than eating a single portion of fruit. A glass of fruit juice roughly contains 19 grams of sugar, which is approximately 4.5 teaspoons of sugar

5. Breakfast Cereals

Breakfast cereals are on-the-go food that can be quickly consumed before going to work. Although they are tasty and satisfying, they contain tons of sugar and should be avoided from eating every day. A 1.2-ounce serving can contain 12 grams of sugar or 3 teaspoons of sugar.

A better alternative is to wake up early in the morning and prepare yourself a healthy breakfast consisting of whole-grain foods such as bran or multigrain bread and foods high in protein such as eggs.

6. Vitamin Water

Vitamin water is a big thing amongst elite athletes and marathon runners and is consumed mainly by them. But for an excellent reason. Athletes drink vitamin water to get a quick shot of glucose to make an energy to undergo the workout activity.

But for people who have a sedentary lifestyle, vitamin water contains a high amount of sugars. A bottle of vitamin water contains 32 grams of sugar, which is roughly 8 teaspoons of sugar.

7. Sports Drinks

The same case is with Sports Drink; athletes consume them to gain high glucose to fuel their workouts. A bottle of Sports Drink (590 ml) contains about 37.9 grams of sugar, equivalent to 9.5 teaspoons.

8. Ketchup

Ketchup is a popular condiment that people of all ages happily eat, and it goes well with anything, whether it’s barbecue, grill, fried, fast food, or sandwiches.

But like BBQ sauce, it also contains a heavy amount of sugar. One tablespoon of ketchup can have 1 teaspoon of sugar. 

9. Pizza Sauce

Pizza sauces are widely used in restaurants and homes while making pizzas to avoid unnecessary waste of time. But the truth is, though they are great-tasting, they come with lots of sugar present in them.

When purchasing pizza sauce or a similar pasta sauce, always read the label, and if you’re efficient enough and do not want to consume the extra sugar, it is best to make the sauce at home. 

10. Salad Dressing

People who go on diets to lose weight mainly consume salads. The logic behind it is to consume fewer sugars and carbohydrates to burn fats.

However, most people mistakenly add salad dressings to increase the taste of the salad and consume more sugars than they should.

2 tablespoons of salad dressing contain 5 grams of added sugar, along with additives and preservatives making it unsuitable for people who want to lose weight. 


Many products are in the supermarket, and although they look and sound healthy, they are, in reality, quite the opposite of the hidden sugars inside them. Before purchasing any food, check and read the label thoroughly.

Avoid foods that are filled with sweeteners, additives, or preservatives. Alternatively, it is a better healthy eating habit to cook food at home and make everyone fresh to avoid consuming unhealthy ingredients.

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