Top 10 Safe Skin Lightening Ingredients to Try at Home

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Generally, most people want clean and clear skin. It gives them confidence. But many of them have to battle and overcome skin diseases to achieve that goal. This is where safe skin lightening ingredients come in handy. These ingredients can be used to treat several types of diseases.

Skin lightening ingredients are those products used to lighten the dark areas of our skin or the whole overall area. These ingredients include soaps, bleaching creams, pills, and chemical or laser therapy.

You can not expect any health benefits from skin lightening bleaching creams. There is also a risk of side effects. So, it’s not the best option to use bleaching creams on your skin.

Moreover, after hearing these things, the only question that will come to your mind is, what ingredients or products should I use to lighten my skin.

To answer that question, we have given the list of Top 10 safe skin lightening ingredients which you can use to brighten your skin tone. These are completely safe and healthy for your skin.

Top 10 Safe Skin Lightening Ingredients to Try at Home

Top 10 Safe Skin Lightening Ingredients to Try at Home

1. Vitamin C

As we already know that vitamins are very beneficial to our body and skin. Primarily, vitamin C is a multi-tasking, loved, and prevalent skincare ingredient. It’s also an essential antioxidant for your skin.

However, our body already creates vitamin C. So, it is one of the safest skincare ingredients. This ingredient is also easy to find.

2. Kojic Acid

Maybe this is an unexpected thing for you. But kojic acid is a safe skincare ingredient. It is a cheap yet well-known ingredient. Kojic acid is made as a by-product of malted rice. It’s used to make rice wine.

This acid is a lightening and brightening skincare product. This ingredient works on lightening enzymes necessary for unavailable melanin production.

3. Niacinamide

If you are looking for a skincare ingredient, then you will quickly hear about the wandering activities of Niacinamide. It’s also known as the pro-vitamin B3. Besides, Niacinamide is a sebum balancer, an antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory.

This ingredient works on your skin most effectively. You can see the difference in your skin only after using it for some days.

4. Alpha Arbutin

This is another natural and safe skin-lightening active ingredient. This ingredient is made by none other than mother nature. It can be found in the leaves of bearberry plants. Alpha Arbutin is scientifically proven as the most effective skin brightener.

Just like Kojic acid, this ingredient works on the skin’s tyrosinase enzymes. It does not cause any side effects on your skin.

5. Glutathione

Glutathione is an antioxidant. You can take it as a food supplement. It is also a fantastic partner of Kojic acid on skin lightening. Many studies and research shows that glutathione is safe for skin use.

This ingredient can surely lighten your skin without harming it. If you want to lighten your skin as soon as possible, this is far the best option.

7. Glycolic Acid

Most people have no idea that glycolic acid can help to lighten our skin. They think it is just an exfoliant. But that is not true. Many ingredients work on Melanin synthesis, but glycolic acid removes melanin pigment to lighten up your skin faster.

It speeds up the skin cell’s rate of exfoliation. Glycolic acid can powerfully boost your skin tone.

8. Paper Mulberry

Paper Mulberry is a skin-lightening active ingredient. Boast mulberry extracts have better efficacy even than controversial hydroquinone.

This paper Mulberry can also help to protect skin against damaging radicals, dark spots, and pollution. Moreover, this is a very cheap ingredient. You can buy it at an affordable price. You can try this if you want.

9. Linoleic Acid

There is a possibility that you haven’t heard about this acid. But you must have heard about natural plant oils. Linoleic acid can speed up your skin cell’s turnover, just like glycolic acid.

This acid can also suppress melanin production. Linoleic acid has outstanding lightning abilities, which makes it an active skincare ingredient.

10. Liquorice Extract

Another popular and well-known safe skin lightening ingredient is Liquorice Extract. This is a mixture of activities. Liquorice extract contains some skin-lightening benefits.

It inhibits tyrosinase activities and lightens your skin by other mechanisms. At present, this is the most attractive skin-lightening ingredient in the world.


Who doesn’t want beautiful skin? But naturally, everyone can’t have it. But you can make your skin attractive by using skincare ingredients. But all skincare ingredients are not safe. Hydroquinone is the reason behind that.

Not to worry, there are still many safe skin-lightening ingredients available in the market. In the list, we have provided the Top 10 safe skin-lightening ingredients which you can use. They are completely safe and come with zero side effects.

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